We at Textel, engage in Design, Supply, Erection, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Fire Fighting System, Automatic Fire Hydrant System, Sprinkler Systems for any firms of Industrial, Commercial, High rise buildings, Hospitals, Offices, Commercial complexes, Airport terminals, Housing societies, IT parks, Hotels, Factories, Shopping malls, Educational institution, Auditorium, Banks, Theatres, Steel plants, Residential apartments, Warehouse and Storehouses etc.


  • Fire Protection Engineering Works
  • Fire Safety Auditing & Consulting
  • Fire Awareness Drills and Training
  • AMC of Fire Protection Installations
  • Fire Extinguishers Refilling

Fire Protection Engineering Works

We carry out Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of ALSBMs [Active Life Safety Building Management Systems], a project consisting Engineering of IP based Wireless/Wired addressable Fire Alarm System Panels, Smoke Sensors, MCPs, Indoor Sounders, Hooters, various types of Signage, Extinguishers, Installation of raisers, Hydrant valves, First aid hose reels, Air release valves, Pressure gauges, Fire brigade 4 ways, Butterfly valves, Engineering of sprinkler systems, various pumps such as Jockey pumps, main pumps, diesel pumps, Automation of Control Panels, Construction of Ground level and Overhead water tanks on turn key basis

Fire Safety Auditing, Consulting & Training

The audit is an examination of the premises and relevant documents to ascertain how the premises are being managed regarding fire safety. The emphasis is on the responsible person demonstrating they have met the duties required by the fire safety order.

We at Textel, provide all types of consultancy services related Fire and safety on Fire Systems Designing, Fire Protection Engineers, Fire Safety Training , Fire Drills and also a skilled service provider for offering complete fire-fighting solutions for Hospital , Industrial and Commercial High Rise Buildings . Clients can avail the services for safety programmers, Safety Audit, Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Disaster Plan, Re- Engineering as per their requirements for electrical panel, server room, data centres, computer rooms, Paint Booth, Gas Turbine, High Pressure, Spray Booth, Power Line, Residential Apartment ,FM Global approved Projects, Major Industrial Projects, Office and Commercial Complexes, Hotels , Airport Terminal, School and Auditorium, and Steel Plant. They find total assistance from our trained and skilled professionals.

We also undertake Turnkey Projects for Designs and Installation of Fire Suppression Systems (Gas/Water), Fire Alarm (Heat/Smoke Detection) Systems, Sales & Service of All Type Fire Extinguishers/ Equipment/Signage/ Evacuation Plan/ Emergency Lights, and Rescue Operation Devices.

Fire Awareness Drills & Training

Fire safety awareness is an educational process to remind everyone in the workplace of best practices to avoid creating a fire risk, and the measures to take in the event a fire happens in the workplace. A plan educates and reminds everyone of the specific prevention methods and the safety procedures that are applicable to the organization.

Every workplace needs a defined training process to communicate the responsibilities and essential fire safety procedures to all personnel. The best communication approach starts with training in the fire alarm systems, the evacuation routes to safely exit the building, and the process to accounting for all personnel.

AMC of Fire Protection & Detection Systems

Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract is an agreement with a service provider for repair and maintenance of property used by any organisation. It offers security on all services of facilities supplied, installed and commissioned by the Service Provider. Comprehensive contracts are required and essential for in-depth and detail-oriented service supports post warranty period

Textel provides Annual maintenance contract service of all types of fire protection and detection systems.

Textel’s AMC shall ensure regular Inspection, Testing & Maintenance for Fire Protection system consisting of Fire Automatic sprinkler , Hydrant valve, First-aid hose reel ,Alarm Gong bell, Hose box, Fire Brigade Inlet ,Brass ball valve ,Air release valve ,Butterfly valve , Branch pipe and nozzle, RRL Hose pipe , Coupling of RRL Hose, Welding, Painting of Hydrant pipe line ,sprinkler pipe line ,Raiser, Drainage line, Bypass line , Elbow, Reducer, Tee, Socket with Flange, Draining of water from Hydrant & Sprinkler lines ,Re- filling of water from tank. Flow rate testing of sprinkler head, wet raiser, Hydrant valve and First-aid Hose reel and Refilling and maintenance of all fire Extinguisher.

AMC of Fire Detection Systems consists of inspection, testing and maintenance for Fire detection system consist of Fire alarm control panel ,Smoke detector (cleaning of all detectors with suitable means and Inspection of all Fire Sensors by facilitating approved smoke tester to all devices installed at each floors ,Manual call point , Hooter cum strobe light , network booster ,Indoor siren .Checking and inspection of AC battery LED signage and Photo luminescent signage and also attending of any breakdown & emergency calls immediately, including provisioning of skilled & qualified supervisor at AMC Site as per Odisha Fire Department for ensuring proper maintenance support including regular fortnight training to all security and maintenance staff.

Fire Extinguishers Refilling

We engage by providing a reliable Extinguisher refilling services. Keeping all existing safety factors in mind, we refill the fire extinguishers for uninterrupted and continuous usage for any sort of such as ABC stored pressure, dry chemical powder fire extinguishers, Co2 fire extinguishers, AFFF mechanical foam fire extinguishers, Clean Agent Fire extinguisher, Automatic fire extinguishers and all HFC-227 (FM200) fire extinguishers etc. In other words, a must to contact us once for best fire cylinder

refilling, inspection, drill training , testing and recharging. We establish a close co-ordination with clients and our experts helps focus at delivery on time thereby maintaining a trustworthy.